Aug 10

How To Get Unstuck

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When Sarah James is famous, you’ll be able to say that you saw me interview her, back when.

Sarah is one of my clients, and she very kindly and completely spontaneously offered to let me interview her about her personal growth journey from disintegration to integration, and how working with me has contributed to that journey. She originally came to me to stop smoking, but (as you’ll hear) it turned into much more than that.

I’ve split the interview into 4 short videos, totalling about 20 minutes. If you want just the audio, you can download it here.

In part 1, you’ll hear:

  • why a 38-year-old single mother-of-two and aspiring actress thinks it worthwhile to spend her scarce time and money working on personal development,
  • how smoking was a way for her to avoid herself and the circumstances of her life,
  • how she didn’t want suffering and stuckness and hating herself to be her only story, and
  • why she came to me to find ways to cope, become stronger and find out who she really is.

In part 2, you’ll hear:

  • what you should do if you start smoking (or whatever) again after you’ve stopped,
  • how important it is to do it for yourself and nobody else,
  • how to get beyond powerlessness and being stuck to be at home in yourself,
  • how “negative integration” can stand in the way of being your whole powerful self,
  • about motherhood, grace, ease and perfectionism, and
  • what happens once you take away the smokescreen.

In part 3, you’ll hear:

  • how facing things and speaking to yourself more kindly can flow over into better mothering,
  • how deep love can be hidden under feelings of incompetence and overwhelm,
  • how getting out of your own way improves your relationships,
  • how much difference 6 weeks can make,
  • how powerful it can be to work with a single metaphor over an extended period, and
  • about finding the “resonant core of your deep self” and persisting in following your heart.

In part 4, you’ll hear:

  • what to do if you feel stuck,
  • how to get your self back and find joy, and
  • what I do and don’t do to help you change.

If you are in a similar place to where Sarah was at the start of our work together, contact me and let’s talk about how you can follow her great example. (And yes, I can work with you remotely over Skype.) Or just pick up my free ebook, How to Stop Smoking.

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