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Mike Reeves-McMillan, Registered Hypnotherapist, Health and Personal Development Coach, Titirangi, West Auckland, New Zealand
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Mike Reeves-McMillan, Hypnotherapist and Health Coach

Helping Ordinary People Get Unstuck Before They Come Unglued

Mike Reeves-McMillan NZHRB

I work with people who want to stop smoking, eat more healthily, exercise more, sleep better, or manage emotions, stress, pain or stress-related symptoms like irritable bowel, allergies or asthma. I also help people who want to approach life more confidently and with greater motivation from a more positive self-image, or who have a particular life challenge in mind - performing arts, speaking or sports, for example - and want to increase their focus and skills for success.

Most of all, though, I work with people who are fed up with being how they are and are ready for a change.

Is there something about your life you want to get rid of? Are you getting increasingly uncomfortable with the way you think, feel or behave sometimes, because it no longer really fits with who you are?

Perhaps you have an old habit or a pattern of behaviour you want to change, but you can't quite seem to break it no matter how hard you try.

Or is there something you want to add to your life? Do you think about how your life could be different, could be better than it is, could be happier and healthier with more confidence and focus - but you feel you need someone to help you detach from your old life and move forward? Maybe you're not sure exactly what your next step is towards the future you want.

You need a solution that works for ordinary people who have jobs and mortgages, dishes to do and lawns to mow. But at the same time, it needs to work at a deep level and help you change the way you think and feel and act in the world, not just to give you a different behaviour but to help you become a different person - one that you like and respect more, someone who's stronger and more able to deal with life's challenges.

The good news is that there is help, it's accessible and affordable, and it's even a pleasant, relaxing process. (Some people get scared when I say "hypnotherapy" because they think it's like the stage shows or the movies, all dramatic and spooky, and that I'll control you and make you do stupid things. If you're worried about any of that, have a read of my 10 common myths about hypnosis.)

What I do is to find out from you how you want to change and work with you, gently guiding you in making that change. I offer you skills, simple techniques, resources and motivation so that you can move in the positive direction you have in mind, both quickly overcoming your immediate issue and also creating strategies to preserve and extend the changes over the long term.

I can work with you via Skype or in person (in Titirangi, West Auckland, New Zealand).

Here are some frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy and my practice. If you have a question, it's probably answered somewhere on that page, and if not, it tells you how to ask me directly.

If you want to know what it's like to work with me, take a look at this client testimonial. (If you're short of time, just watch the last video.)

If you want to make personal contact with me before proceeding, the best way is by email, and the second-best way is on my mobile (021 160 6953).

If you prefer to book directly online, here's how:

  1. Select a time for the first session from the calendar below, and fill in the little form you get taken to next. I'll get an email automatically.
  2. For Skype sessions, you must prepay, and for face-to-face sessions you can prepay if you don't want to bring cash or a cheque to the session. Click the button and pay by credit card or PayPal.
  3. The button below pays for a set of 3 sessions at $100 (NZD) per session. Here's why it's 3 sessions.

  4. I will send you a personal email to confirm. Especially if you are making your booking close to the time of the appointment, don't assume the session is confirmed until you hear from me.

If you have any problems with the online booking system, contact me.